Tuesday, April 24, 2007

my second short film


made in 2004, amnesia was nominated in the 0110 digital film festival hosted by the british council of india. sumant sahani, the man who played meghnath, passed away shortly after the making of this film. i dedicate this short to him.


catcharun said...

another dark one... a very intriguing storyline. i was hooked from the start. i liked this one more than the interview only because it was tougher to figure out where you were taking us.

some camera angles caught my eye a bit but i'll need to watch it again and notice that more carefully

thanks for the link..all that pestering finally paid off :)

vax said...

Wow, this is an unbelievably gripping movie.... Never could think of past lives inspite of the recent interest in past life theories and what not!!!
-Aarti (Vachas' wife)

The plot, direction and editing were very tight. Reminded me of the 6th sense. Will look out for your third shot.