Tuesday, May 8, 2007

the assembly line man

a by-product of organic chemistry.

fabricated by a couple to serve as a future insurance.

sterilized into walking and talking like anyone else.

sent to a finishing school that eliminates any trace of individuality.

brainwashed into learning the same arts, the same science and the same values.

groomed by a college to be a white-collared slave.

hired by an organization that pays you to think like they do.

judged by a cliché called success.

defined by a society that goes by a quaint rulebook called the constitution.

fired for showing a streak called independence.

urged by peers to play by the rules.

counseled by parents to settle down.

appreciated for re-entering the chicken run.

earned a label called manager.

decided to abandon the last vestige of freedom.

acquired the tag called husband.

wedded and bedded a stranger, designed by the same factory.

froze his dreams and plans into a template.

drafted for a future by-product of organic chemistry.

extracted from my blog sulfury.

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