Thursday, May 10, 2007

me on why some people are unlucky

life is a game of choice.

for the soul to evolve to its desired level, it needs a variety of experiences.

sometimes the soul takes a conscious decision to opt for a life of disappointments.

by making this choice, the soul is trying to answer a few probing questions.

can i handle disappointments?

can i take one defeat after another?

will i crumble under the mountain of failures?

do i have the steely resolve to break the cycle of defeats?

can i develop the ability to let neither success nor failure affect me?

the answers for these tricky questions can only be uncovered by getting under the skin of a so-called jinxed being.

so if a person suffers all his life it is not because it was decreed by destiny.

it is because you made the choice.

you made the choice because you felt that you could handle it.

if you’re unable to take it, it just means you have the let the forces of negativism triumph.

some people react rashly in such a situation.

they try to escape by opting for suicide.

what they forget is, the soul will continue to tread thorny paths.

till it achieves its goal of overcoming the fear of fiasco.

extracted from my blog sulfury.

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