Friday, May 11, 2007

my psycho pjs

what was sigmund freud’s favourite indian food?

who was the first split personality of india?
jarasandha. because bheema split his body into two.

if john woo had a twin brother, what would be his name?
déjà vu.

what do you call a muslim with a memory problem?

why did the shrink treat mrs.malathi for phallic fixation?
because she named her sons – rama lingam, sundara lingam & chocka lingam.

a tamilian narcissist went to a restaurant. what did he order?

a manic depressive walked into an electrical store in india. he ended up buying a fan after talking to the salesman. what did he buy and why?
a polar fan. because he heard the salesman say: buy-polar fans.

what do you call a paranoid chinaman?
bayandhaan kul lee.

why did the builder visit the shrink?
because he had developed a huge complex.

what would be an apt name for a nation built exclusively for psychiatrists?

extracted from my blog - blade pakkiri.

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