Monday, May 28, 2007

to all you who made me cry

hey dark clouds of despair,
hey thunder bolts of pain,
hey green waves of envy,
hey black gales of hate,
hey mountains of mockery,
hey minefields of mistake,
hey dead sea of hope,
hey red sea of heartbreaks,
hey vipers of deceit,
hey scorpions of shame,
hey mother of misfortune,
hey father of fate,
to all you who made me cry:
beware the wrath of a wounded soul.


Übermaniam said...
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Übermaniam said...

Hey Ram! (Hope this makes you smile.)

Übermaniam said...

It's a lovely poem. Very nice metaphors.

srividya said...

second ubermaniam...nice one tho didnt get the scorpions of shame bit (connotes sting? or is there some other parallel?)