Sunday, June 17, 2007

the cell phone quiz

from a man who hates mobile phones, here's a quiz for compulsive cell users...

1. how did vodafone get its name?

2. the first sms message was sent from a computer to a mobile phone by neil papworth. what was his message?

3. if dyna-tac was motorola’s first mobile phone, whose was talkman?

4. philip kahn was one of the founders of borland, the software company that created the turbopascal programming tool. he is better remembered for an invention in 1997. what did he invent?

5. “i signed away all my patent rights to motorola for __________ when I joined the company and don't get any royalties." that’s martin cooper talking about what he got for inventing the cell phone. take a wild guess on the amount by filling in the blank.

6. which movie’s tagline is, ‘if the signal dies, so does she’?

7. what is schitzophonia?

8. which david dhawan film featured the song, ‘what is you style number, what is your mobile number’?

9. connect dream, desire, buddy, sizzle and little one.

10. what’s unique about the film, ‘new love meetings’?

extracted from my unpublished thematic quizbook. note: if you get a score less than 7/10, you should trash your mobile :-)


pyl said...

1. VOice DAta teleFONE
6. cellular
8. Haseena maan jayegi
10. entire movie shot on phone! wow!!

(shall be back to retreive my phone from the bin ; ) )

anantha said...

3 to go...can she do it? only google will tell :-)