Thursday, July 5, 2007

3 newly coined words from me

meaning: the science of luring people to go on a shopping spree.
pronunciation: rhymes with engineering.
usage: singapore & dubai have mastered the craft of bingeneering.
root: binge + engineering.

meaning: forcing a consensus on people by presenting a fait accompli situation.
pronunciation: gun-sen-sus.
usage: pratibha patil is sonia gandhi's gunsensus candiate.
root: holding the gun to achieve a consensus.

meaning: a sickeningly orthodox community or place.
pronunciation: ugh-ra-haa-rum.
usage: texas and the other southern states still have many ughraharams that look down upon black skin.
root: agraharam is a tamil word for that means settlement. it was used in the context of snooty tamil brahmins who considered themselves a notch above the so called untouchables.

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