Tuesday, July 17, 2007

photography trivia quiz

dedicated to my dear friend & esteemed colleague - sharad haksar.

1. a civil engineer by qualification, this legendary photographer started his career as a drawing instructor in an army regiment. who?

2. in 1985, a 11,760-foot mountain peak in sierra nevada was named after him. this is perhaps the only instance of a peak being named after a lensman. whom are we talking about?

3. he flirted with photography for almost 24 years. portraiture was his specialty. among his famed subjects were alfred tennyson, michael faraday and alice liddell. who’s this?

4. x was the still photographer for the marilyn monroe movie, ‘the misfits’. his first wife was a javanese dancer named ratna mohini. his coverage of mahatma gandhi’s funeral, earned him his first dose of international recognition. identify x.

5. which pioneer in photography, donated millions of dollars to MIT under the pseudonym mr. smith?

6. who holds the record for being the scientist with the second most number of patents?

7. invented by steven sasson in 1975, it weighed 3.6 kgs and took 23 seconds to capture an image. what?

8. neil armstrong was the first moon photographer. what camera did he use?

9. in jaane bhi do yaaron, naseeruddin shah and ravi vasvani, play two professional photographers working in the beauty photo studio. what are their names in the film?

10. what’s the term used for amateur photographers who use their mobile phones to capture pictures of major events?

extracted from my unpublished magnum opus :-)

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