Tuesday, July 10, 2007

shall we dance?

unlike me, if you know a thing or two about shaking a leg, may be you should try out my thematic trivia quiz on dance & dancers...

1. what’s the spanish word for ‘sauce’?

2. according to the mithunda movie ‘disco dancer’, the word ‘disco’ is a pithy acronym for what?

3. danseuse padma subramanyam has formally learnt music from a legendary hindi film composer. name him.

4. what are you likely to find 32 miles away from vijayawada and six miles away from srikakulam?

5. what ballroom dance takes its name from a vaudeville dancer and comedian named harry fox?

6. in the phonetic code, if alpha is the code word for a & bravo is the code word for b, then what is the code word for alphabet t?

7. who sang the title song for the hrishikesh mukherjee movie, ‘jhoot bole kauva kaate’?

8. who plays irfan khan’s mother in naseeruddin shah’s ‘yun hota to kya hota’?

9. who directed the pepsi tv commercials starring shah rukh khan, kareena kapoor and priyanka chopra?

10. rudolf nureyev rated him as the greatest dancer of the twentieth century. michael jackson dedicated his autobiography to him. his is the first biographical entry in imdb. who are we talking about?

from my unpublished classic - thematic quizzes!


pbzeppelin said...

1. salsa ?
2. d - dance, i - item. s - singer, c- chorus, o - orchestra
3. salil chaudhry
4. vempatti chinna sathyam?
5. foxtrot ?
6. tango
7 shiamak dhawar
8. saroj khan
9. farah khan
10. fred astaire

anantha said...

not bad. 9/10.

pbzeppelin said...

which one wrong ? vempatti ? salsa? or foxtrot. think others right...

anantha said...

not salsa. not foxtrot.