Tuesday, July 24, 2007

tam bram pjs

if richard bach had included an orthodox tam bram character in his book ‘jonathan livingstone seagull’, what would he have named him as?
shastri gull

what do you call a tam bram spinner who can bowl chinamans & googlies?

if charlotte bronte had written a tale about a tam bram lady, what would have been its title?
jane iyer

a tam bram dad hated his twin children. one he named abish. what did he call the other boy?
abish 2

what’s the favourite drink of the tam bram male?

agraha rum

what’s the favourite drink of a tam bram priest?
goth rum

what’s the favourite drink of the tam bram female?
kanjeeva rum

what gum does the tam bram astrologer love to chew?
panchang gum

if rahul dravid had been an iyer boy, what would have been his nickname?

a white skinned lady adopted an iyengar boy out of cultural curiosity. then she dumped him in no time. what do you call such a lady in tam bram parlance?
na mum

extracted from my blog, blade pakkiri.