Monday, September 22, 2008

2008 - The year of delicious ironies?

What a year it has been. There's been major upheavals and we didn't even take note. Here's a list of events that makes me think this is the year of ironies:

• Democrats nominate a colored man as their presidential candidate.
• Republicans choose a woman as their vice-presidential candidate.
• John McCain uses Democratic planks while contesting for the Republican party.
• Capitalist America embraces the socialist tool of government bailouts.
• Communist West Bengal bends backwards to accomodate the business house Tata.
• BJP men get increasingly restless with Bajrang Dal.
• Communists and BJP get together to vote against Congress party.
• Steven Spielberg turns to Anil Ambani for moneys to fund his Hollywood flicks.
• UPA government contemplates a terror law similar to POTA (a law they once termed draconian).
• Finicky Australia declares India safe for cricket despite several bomb blasts.
• Former dictator Pervez Musharraf steps down on his own accord.
• Harbahajan Singh is dropped by BCCI for 'bad behaviour'.
• Andrew Symmonds is dropped by Cricket Australia for his 'bad behaviour'.
• US condemns Russia for its incursion into Georgia. Doesn't take any army action.

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R.Rajesh said...

here's some more:
The guy who cried himself hoarse for Paid selectors in the BCCI ( vengsarkar)is not a beneficiary of India's 1st paid panel.

CNN announces that Lynn Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, will endorse and campaign for John McCain's presidency bid, because she 'doesn't trust' Obama!!!