Monday, August 16, 2010

Introducing Ga, Ba, Dha & Da in Tamil

Haven't you noticed? Tamilians often refer to Padma as Bathma, Gadkari as Kathkari and Damodran as Thamotharan. That's because there is no G, B or D equivalent in the language. At least to the best of my knowledge. Ka, Pa, Tha are often used to represent Ga, Ba & Dha. There's no overt phonetic aid to clearly cue when Pa should be read as Ba, so on and so forth. I thought it's about time, we had one. The trick with introducing a new phonetic symbol is it should not upset the typography of the existing language. Keeping this in mind, I have introduced what I call, the Azhuthi Kodu or Naduazhuthi (accent line of the middle accent). Hopefully this is an elegant way of solving the problem. Or at least a starting point for tamil experts to take this to another level.

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Vijay said...

This is literally a masterstroke. Although purists are going to hate it for daring to question the adequacy of their language, every one else is going to love it. I hope you take this idea to the next level.