Thursday, June 7, 2007

10 freshly minted words from me

meaning: boycotting & forcing someone to stay off-limits.
pronunciation: shun-fine-ment.
usage: paris hilton needs a bout of shunfinement to cure her limelight mania.
root: shun + confinement.

meaning: words that use a shortened ‘r’ instead of an ‘er’.
pronunciation: motor-words
usage: flickr is the most famous motrword.
root: motorola was the first to use this trick on a mass-scale. the telecom giant launched 3-sub brands - motr, rokr & razr, using this mini-funda.

meaning: a state of financial bliss when money no longer matters.
pronunciation: ru-pees- full.
usage: the way things are going I can only be rupeesful at the age of methuselah.
root: rupees (the Indian currency) + peaceful.

meaning: a media conglomerate that produces tv shows.
pronunciation: show-go-sho-sha.
usage: balaji telefilms is a homegrown showgoshosha.
root: show + shogoshosha (japanese word for conglomerate).

meaning: strong urge to bleach skin.
pronunciation: bleach-cho-fill-lia.
usage: fairness creams exist because of bleachophilia.
root: bleach (to lighten) + philia (greek for craving).

meaning: one who believes that partying can act as a great curative.
pronunciation: yippee-cure-ian.
usage: gloom can be banished if all of us turn yippeecureans.
root: epicurean (pleasure seeker) + yippee.

meaning: handling electronic equipment with ease.
pronunciation: sam-snug.
usage: do-it-yourself kits are best left to the samsnug.
root: a play on samsung (the electronic giant) & snug.

buy fawkes
meaning: a challenger who uses takeovers as a business strategy.
pronunciation: buy-fox.
usage: vijay mallya needs to play buy fawkes to dominate the airline industry.
root: guy fawkes is the rebel who attempted to overthrow king james in 1605.

taco jacko
meaning: a mexican restaurant that is far from mexican.
pronunciation: rhymes with whacko-jacko.
usage: every city has its fair share of taco jackos.
root: taco (the mexican food) + whacko jacko (a black who looks, feels and acts very unblack).

meaning: an indian chick who is fishing orkut for eligible boys.
pronunciation: orkut-tea.
usage: arranged marriage is not what orkuttis want.
root: orkut + kutti (tamil slang for chick)

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