Monday, June 4, 2007

20 reasons why i prefer laptops over girlfriends

1. a laptop has a processor that works.
2. a laptop can be turned on at will.
4. a laptop doesn’t come with emotional baggage.
5. a laptop can be carted anywhere.
6. a laptop doesn’t expect birthday gifts.
7. a laptop never visits shopping malls.
8. a laptop doesn’t need pickup lines.
9. a laptop doesn’t go yak, yak, yak.
10. a laptop is lower maintenance.
11. a laptop doesn’t mind if you stare at it for hours.
12. a laptop doesn’t expect you to impress its family.
13. a laptop is friendly even after ctrl+alt+delete.
14. a laptop couldn’t care less about how you smell.
15. a laptop can be shared with friends without a pang of guilt.
16. a laptop doesn’t judge you on your commitment quotient.
17. a laptop stays with you even when you have no money.
18. a laptop never pesters you for a pre-nup.
19. a laptop never burdens you with babies.
20. a laptop has resale value.

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