Tuesday, June 5, 2007

to a quitter, from a quitter

if you ever feel like quitting in a huff
just look back and take a deep puff
ask yourself, what fills you with peeve
and why this tearing itch to leave

when you dissect the problem at hand
you will discover the issue is not so grand
it all comes down to the lowly paycheck
and a boss who is a pain in the neck

everything else is a load of crap
born out of your expectation gap
it’s not the designation or your role
that’s made resignation your goal

let’s face it fair and square
it’s not about position you care
you don’t want to be a VP
reporting to a president creepy

all you want is more money
to make you feel more sunny
the rest is a lame excuse
made up to cover your blues

the truth is if you get a few more dollars
you won’t even mind selling dog collars
so why take a decision rash
just stay on and stash up the cash

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